Famous Indian Actor Forced to Sell Vegetables on the Street

Famous Indian Actor Forced to Sell Vegetables on the Street

Posted on Jun 30, 2020

The global epidemic of coronavirus has affected many industries around the world, including the entertainment industry in many countries. While the production of films has been halted due to the lockdown, there are also many actors who have been forced to sell vegetables and fruits on the streets today.

One such actor is Javed Haider who worked with Aamir Khan, also known as The Perfectionist, in the hit Bollywood film 'Ghulam' released in 1998. In addition, Javed Haider has been a friend of the hero in various films and has played various roles.

Recently, Indian film and television actress Dolly Bindra released a video on her Twitter account in which actor Javed Haider was seen selling vegetables on the street. In this video, he was seen performing the song "If you want to live in the world, then work".

Dolly Bindra wrote in her tweet that "Javed Haider is an actor, today he is selling vegetables".

After this video of Dolly Bindra came out, it has not been proved yet that actor Javed Haider is really selling vegetables due to poverty and lack of work or he was doing this just to make a video and entertain the fans.

Many users, while responding to the actress' video, also wrote that this is the reality of Bollywood. While some claimed that actor Javed Haider made this video only to increase followers on his Tik Tak channel.

It may be recalled that actor Javed Haider played an important role in many other projects besides Aamir Khan's film 'Ghulam'. He has also acted in Hindi dramas like Life Ki Aisi Tesi and films Born India and Babar.


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