Fakhar Alam Completed the World Tour

Fakhar Alam Completed the World Tour

The Pakistani singer, actor and host Fakhr Alam completed the world tour just one year ago and now they have launched the book on this mission.

The proud scholar told Dawn regarding his 'mission flight' that I had planned to travel around the world in 28 days and the project was named 'Mission Flight', during this trip to the world. I will fly from around 30 airports.

Remember that last year, 'Mission Flight' was launched by Fakhr Alam on October 10 from the small town of Waters, the US state of Florida, and arrived at the Dubai airport on the morning of October 16.

One year after the mission was completed, Fakhr Alam launched a book written on this journey, also called 'Mission Flight'. He presented his first book to President Pakistan Dr Arif Alawi during the ceremony.

It should be noted that in 2015, the proud Alam received a private pilot license in the United States. In this regard, the proud scholar said, "I am always proud of being a Pakistani, I always want to do something that brightens the name of my country, flying a mission was a wonderful experience for only a few people. Get it. '

He added, "I hope more Pakistan will move forward in this kind of mission. Hopefully, soon there will be female pilots looking forward to this journey. Pakistanis have immense talent, my next mission is space travel, I hope Can I hoist Pakistani flags in space '.

The proud scholar also announced that he is also working on a mission-based flight documentary that will release this month on the 9th.


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