Faisal Qureshi's Meaningful Message on Sushant's Suicide

Faisal Qureshi's Meaningful Message on Sushant's Suicide

Posted on Jun 18, 2020

Leading actor and host of Pakistan showbiz industry Faisal Qureshi have released a meaningful message on social media after the death of Indian actor Sushant Singh Rajpoot. Sushant Singh, a 34-year-old Indian actor who committed suicide by hanging himself in his flat in Bandra on Sunday this month, has been trending on social media since his death in which users are trying to find out about him. What was the cause of Sushant Singh's death and at the same time they are blaming Bollywood for Sushant Singh's death while some showbiz stars have also directly blamed it.

While Sushant Singh's suicide has saddened Indian artists, Pakistani artists are also shocked and are sharing various messages expressing condolences on social media. Pakistan's famous actor and host Faisal Qureshi has released a message on Twitter in which he wrote that after the death of a human being, as much as we know about him, I wish we knew only half of that human being in his life.

The actor wrote that in this way our shoulders will wash away the tears hidden in the smile. Not funeral. Actor Ijaz Aslam also agreed with the tweet of the actor and host.

Earlier, actor Imran Abbas had also said in a message that depression is a reality, not a joke. Please take it seriously and don't leave your family alone, no matter how happy and contented they look in life.

Earlier, well-known actress Hira Mani had said in a social media post that when someone is present among us, we do not value him but we value him after people leave the world. She said to be gentle with others and take care of those who have compassion in their hearts. God is in their hearts.

It is to be noted that during the investigation of Sushant Singh's suicide, the police had received some documents from his house according to which Sushant Singh was undergoing treatment for depression and his close friends also said that the actor was suffering from mental stress. But it is unknown at this time which is responsible for his depression.



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