Fahad Mustafa Regrets Voting for PM Imran Khan

Fahad Mustafa Regrets Voting for PM Imran Khan

Due to rising inflation and other issues in the country, while ordinary people are seen complaining about the Prime Minister, showbiz personalities who voted for him are now also seen complaining about him.

Actor and host Fahad Mustafa, in a tweet after the recent situation in the country, complained to Imran Khan to tell him whether his decision to vote for the Prime Minister was right or wrong. Fahad Mustafa mentioned the Prime Minister in his tweet that he knows that running the country is not an easy task.

The actor complained to the Prime Minister that when he was in opposition, he used to say about running the country that it was not rocket science. At the same time, he asked the Prime Minister to tell him whether his decision to vote for him was right or wrong.

Prime Minister Imran Khan or any government official did not respond to Fahad Mustafa's questions and complaints, but others, including actor Ijaz Aslam, commented on his tweet and asked him to be more patient.

Maham jee, a female fan, told Fahad Mustafa that if he had voted for the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), he had made a big mistake.

Ejaz Aslam commented on Fahad Mustafa's tweet that it is a big question why we went to the polls. At the same time, he suggested to Fahad Mustafa to leave the whole matter to Allah.

Apart from commenting on Fahad Mustafa's tweet, actor Ijaz Aslam also spoke in one of his tweets about the issues facing the country in the last two years of the present government.

Ejaz Aslam wrote in his tweet that in the last two years, "petrol mafia, water mafia, electricity mafia, unemployment, currency devaluation, corona crisis, sugar mafia, and flour mafia have come to the fore." The actor further wrote that now it remains to be seen how problems will arise in the future. Many people, including host Wasim Badami, commented on Ijaz Aslam's tweet and advised him not to panic.

Addressing Ijaz Aslam, Wasim Badami said, "Brother, you don't have to worry, to which the actor replied that the people will be fooled for a long time and he is saddened to see that our beautiful country." Was given a dirty drain on the words of Lali Pop.


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