Ertugrul Ghazi's Bano Chichuk wants to drink Pakistani tea

Ertugrul Ghazi's Bano Chichuk wants to drink Pakistani tea

Aside from the Turkish drama Ertugrul Ghazi, which has been airing on Pakistan Television (PTV) since late April, politicians and showbiz personalities across the country are debating whether to air it on state TV.

On the other hand, the popularity of the drama is constantly increasing and at the same time, the cast of the drama is also gaining acceptance in Pakistan Although only 40 episodes of the first season of the drama have been aired in Pakistan so far and so far Pakistani fans have only seen the limited but main cast of the drama.

However, the cast is seen in the drama so far has become popular in Pakistan and Pakistani fans are inviting them to come home by contacting the cast of the drama on social media. 

Seeing the invitation of Pakistani fans and the love of the fans, in the past where the main character of the drama (Ertugrul Ghazi) played the role of actor Engin Altan Duzyatan and his wife (Halima Sultan) who played the role in the play Esra Bilgic Have also expressed a desire to come to Pakistan. Meanwhile, Javed Chatin Gunnar, who played the role of Dogan Bey (Roshan), two well-known actors of the same play, and Gulsoom Ali, who played the role of a reformed woman, had also expressed their desire to come to Pakistan.

And now another well-known character of the same drama (Bano Chichak) actress Izgi Esma Kirklu also expressed her desire to come to Pakistan. Speaking to The Independent Urdu, Izgi Esma Kirklo said that she feels that Pakistan is a country of prosperous and lively people like Turkey. According to the actress, she feels that Pakistan is somewhat similar to Turkey and since these countries are said to be two countries and one nation, she also feels that these two countries are very close.

In a short interview, the actress shared some of her memories during the shooting of Ertugrul Ghazi and also thanked her for the love messages from Pakistani fans. The Turkish actress said that she is receiving a lot of love messages from Pakistan and she would definitely like to come to Pakistan, but she does not know how long she will be able to come to Pakistan. The actress explained that she may come to Pakistan only when the air travel ban due to Corona is lifted but she will definitely come to Pakistan.

At the same time, she made a unique request to the Pakistani fans in Urdu and at the end of the interview, she said that she would definitely like to come to Pakistan and drink tea and she also asked the fans who would give them tea. 

It is to be noted that a total of 5 seasons of Ertugrul Ghazi have been released and there are 179 episodes of this drama. The first season of the drama is being translated into Urdu in Pakistan. The drama is called "Diriliş Ertugrul" in Turkish and has dozens of actors in it, but there are a few main and important roles that last from the first to the last season.

The role of Bano Chichak in this drama is not in all the seasons but this role is in the early seasons. The story of this drama revolves around the conquests of the Muslims in the 13th century, before the establishment of the Ottoman Empire, but the last season of the drama also tells the basic story of the Ottoman Empire.


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