Eman Sulman's wedding ceremony

Eman Sulman's wedding ceremony

Posted on Jan 13, 2020

Eman Sulman's wedding ceremony after quietly marrying
Actress and model Eman Suleman surprised everyone by marrying quietly last week as the new year begins.
The actress and model had married simply on January 5, 2020, after which the actress also said in an Instagram post that she wanted to keep her holiday and other events simple, but her family did not agree.
The actress and model had told the Instagram Post that after she and her husband's elders disobeyed, other holidays, including her holiday, would no longer be celebrated with simplicity.
And now photos of the actress' holiday, including other celebrations, have gone viral on social media where other guests can be seen at their wedding receptions.
Eman Suleman also told fans about the wedding celebrations in his Instagram Story.
Eman Suleman's wedding took place on January 10 and 11, while his marriage took place on January 5.
The couple's family, including fellow actors, attended the wedding.
Eman Suleman is married to Lahore-based artist Jamil Haider, who surprised everyone by quietly engaged in November 2019.

As soon as she was engaged, Eman Suleman had indicated in her Instagram post that she would soon be tied to the marriage bond.

After the engagement, Eman Suleman wrote in his Instagram post that "while living in Pakistan, he could not live with a male friend without marriage and his parents would be angry at such a process, so he would be his fiance soon.
The actress announced shortly after the engagement, saying, "Some people get married to change their love and some people love to get married, some people want to end loneliness and get married." However, they will marry to make haram lawful.'



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