Egypt: Action against Principals and Teachers for showing 'Belly Dance' to students

Egypt: Action against Principals and Teachers for showing 'Belly Dance' to students

Posted on Feb 20, 2020

In a school in the African country, school teachers have been suspended by a principal who showed a 'belly dance'.

Belly dance is very popular in the Middle East and African countries, especially in Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Lebanon, while Egyptian people and institutions consider it a cultural dance.

Belly dance performances are also performed in Egypt at public events, but some of the dance styles are banned or are not considered good in Egyptian society.

The Arab newspaper 'Khaleej Times' reported in a report in a school in the city of Al Sadaat in the Egyptian province of Manofia that young students were shown a slightly inappropriate belly dance on a digital screen that the government took notice of.

The newspaper quoted Egypt's Arabic newspaper 'Al Watan' in its report, saying that principals and teachers had shown students performing belly dances on the big digital screen in the last class before Sunday's holiday.

The report said that where the teachers showed a belly dance to the students, they were asked to sing the song of the famous Egyptian singer Mohammed Ramadan and the students also performed on the song.

The report cited another Egyptian newspaper, 'Al Yaum', after a video of a school administration showing a belly dance to students went viral on social media, with the highest education officer in Manofia province taking notice of the incident.

The report said that the higher education officers immediately dismissed the school principal, expressing his indignation at the incident.

According to the report, the incident took place at 'Al-Farooq Omar Secondary School for Boys', with 18 teachers being exchanged at other educational institutions.

The report said officers investigating the incident recommended high-education officers to watch a belly dance and also to cancel the enrollment of 20 students performing on a song, but their entry could not be cancelled.

According to the report, the students were allegedly shown a belly dance in Egypt, which the government has banned.

Students were shown a Street Belly Dance in which female dancers appear to be inappropriately danced in front of street people, and this style of dance is banned in Egypt.


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