Don't Point Fingers at Anyone, We Didn't Play Well as a Team, Babar Azam

Don't Point Fingers at Anyone, We Didn't Play Well as a Team, Babar Azam

National team captain Babar Azam vowed not to repeat mistakes after losing the match against Australia in the semi-finals of the T20 World Cup.

"Everyone knows where we went wrong and where we should have done better, we have to learn from that," he told the team in the dressing room after the match. "Don't point fingers at anyone, we didn't play well as a team," he said.

He said that no matter if they lose, they will learn from it and they will not repeat such mistakes in the next cricket. Babar Azam said, "We had a great atmosphere. Everybody has shown responsibility in every match. We will do our best and the results will come in our hands automatically." "It's very sad, but it's time to encourage each other," he said.

Babar Azam told a press conference after the match that "today was a very disappointing day. We scored good runs but could not finish the match like this." "I am confident that we will continue our good performance. If the catches were dropped, the situation might have been different. We will learn from our mistakes," he said.

Answering a question regarding Hassan Ali's important catch, he said that Hassan Ali is an important bowler of Pakistan and he has always won the match, he is a little down but we will encourage him. In response to a question, he said that he gave good performances in the entire tournament and hoped that the boys would have learned from their mistakes and would go ahead and try not to make such mistakes again.

Referring to the cricket fans of Pakistan, he said, "Throughout the tournament, the fans supported us a lot and as a captain and our entire team enjoyed it a lot and tried to make them more happy through their performance." In response to a question regarding the inclusion of Rizwan in the team, he said that Rizwan played a very good game, I was a little worried about his health but he took me into confidence and also showed performance.

Asked about giving less chance to spinners, he said that given the situation, we did our best, Shadab Khan performed well, the results were not in our favor but we will try to avoid our mistakes. Learn '. He said that we have been giving confidence to Hassan Ali throughout the tournament, it is not in your hands to not perform, we can only do our best and hopefully Hassan Ali will go ahead and show his performance.

It should be noted that in the second semi-final of T20 World Cup, Australia had defeated Pakistan by 5 wickets after a thrilling contest.


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