Do not play with self-respect while helping the poor: Sanam Jung

Do not play with self-respect while helping the poor: Sanam Jung

Pakistan's famous actress Sanam Jung appealed to the people on her Twitter account to help people in this difficult time, but in doing so she did not play with her honor.

Sanam Jung shared a 10-year-old girl's letter to the charity's social networking site Twitter.

It said, "Uncle take back his clothes and rations. Last year, our photo was printed in the newspaper while taking rations and clothes. On the day of Eid, the children of the neighborhood used to call us beggars,

The actress shared the letter saying, "Do not play with self-respect for your wow on social media while helping the poor."

It is important to note that lockdowns are currently being implemented in many countries due to the Coronavirus, which causes the poorest people to suffer.

Many such celebrities are coming out and hiding to help those in need.

Nomi Ansari, Anusha Ashraf, and Maya Ali are among the few celebrities who are distributing rations to the needy.

It is to be noted that the death toll and new cases in Pakistan from the Nawal Coronavirus, which has caused thousands of deaths worldwide, has not been stopped and the number of victims in the country has exceeded 1600 and today, after 4 more deaths, 21 people have died. 


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