Do New drug experiment on prisoners rather than animals, Maram Abdul Aziz Saudi actress

Do New drug experiment on prisoners rather than animals, Maram Abdul Aziz Saudi actress

Posted on Apr 8, 2020

Saudi Arabia's popular actress Maram Abdul Aziz has given a controversial proposal to governments to try new drugs on rats and monkeys rather than prison inmates.

The actress has been subjected to severe criticism of controversial proposals by governments, and she has now deleted the proposed tweet and later made a defining tweet in this regard.

According to Gulf News, Maram Abdul Aziz suggested in one of his tweets that new drugs should be tested on prisoners rather than on mice and monkeys.

The actress did not make a suggestion to any particular country in her tweet, but it was estimated from her tweet in Arabic that she suggested to the government of her own country Saudi Arabia follow her advice.

Maram Abdul Aziz deletes controversial proposal tweet - Photo: Instagram
According to the report, the actress suggested to the government to experiment with new drugs on prison inmates rather than animals like rats and monkeys, and especially to test drugs on prisoners who are at risk for security.

Maram Abdul Aziz also said in his proposal that if he had the authority, he would order the prisoners to do drug tests on animals, even if such experiments had no guarantee.


The Saudi actress wrote in her tweet that she not only consumes prisoners with food, drink, and energy on drugs, but also experiences new drugs on those prisoners, and especially on prisoners who are a security risk for the country.

According to Gulf News, when the actress made controversial proposals, people criticized her for criticizing German dictator Adolf Hitler and many called her suggestion against humanity.

Some criticized her, saying that she wanted to get a cheaper reputation from the controversial proposal, even though the actress removed the post after criticizing, but said in another tweet that she was going to die for all her organs medical research. 

At the same time, the actress explained that new medicine experiments require a healthy body and that they do not meet the above criteria, so she will donate all her organs after death so that they can benefit. 

Although the actress wrote in her tweet that she was not physically healthy, she did not explain what caused her or why she was not completely healthy.


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