Disclosure of personal and important information of thousands of models

Disclosure of personal and important information of thousands of models

Posted on Jan 17, 2020

Disclosure of personal and important information of thousands of models
VPN Mentor, a multi-national American company that monitors Internet security, has revealed that a website running multiple 'nude' websites has revealed the private and important information of thousands of models.
VPN Mentor was created by people working with other top technology companies, including Google, who works on digital flaws on the 'Virtual Private Network' (VPN).
Keep in mind that VPN is a system or software that Internet users can use to access content or websites that are not normally accessible to a web site or content.

In many countries, people use this system to access controversial, pornographic or banned websites and content.
However, where a lot of pornographic, objectionable, hateful and controversial content can be accessed through VPN, there is also a lot of content on this system that affects one's personal life.
And many companies, such as VPN Mentor, work to detect the presence of such content.
It was through this work that VPN Mentor discovered that Pasi Cash, a website recruiting pornography and pornographic models, leaked the most important and confidential information of thousands of male and female models.
According to VPN Mentor, at least 850,000 pages have been exposed on the Amazon website of the aforementioned website.

The Money Cash website operates multiple websites and entities and employs people for all its websites and agencies, and it initially contracts with all actors and models and collects their documents. ۔

The same website has hired the server, along with Amazon, along with other service provider companies, and 8.55 million pages have been disclosed on the same website's "Amazon Web Server".

According to VPN Mentor, the millions of pages leaked contain highly personal data of at least 4,000 actors and models.

The leaked data also includes copies of their videos, photos, ID cards and passports, along with personal data from 'porn' models and actresses from other countries including the US, Germany and the Netherlands.
The data above also includes data from several major and leading pornographic male actors, and also includes information on actors and models from 20 years ago.
The BBC reported in its report that the leaked data included the age of the models, their real names, dates of birth, home addresses, country names, physical names, ID card numbers, Other types of important information including phone number and passport number are also included.
The report stated that the data also included photos and videos made during the audition of the models.
According to VPN Mentor, such a large-scale data disclosure company was found on January 7 this month and mentioned it from the aforementioned website.
The company said that if anyone in the world had the correct link to the data of the website mentioned above, it would easily access the highly personal data, videos and photos of thousands of models.
However, according to the data leaking website, the data is not yet seen and protected by any third party.


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