Different Social Attitudes in Pakistan and USA and Discussion on Social Media

Different Social Attitudes in Pakistan and USA and Discussion on Social Media

Posted on Jan 6, 2021

(Ran Mureed biwi thaly laga ay)  'رن مرید ہے، بیوی تھلے لگا ہے'

['Father and brother's honor will be reduced to dust'] (Baap, Bhai ki izzat mitti me milaye gi)  'باپ بھائی کی عزت مٹی میں ملائے گی'

['Working girl can't live at home'] (Nokari karny wali larkian ghar nahi basa sakti)  'نوکری کرنے والی لڑکی گھر نہیں بسا سکتی'

These are just some of the regular sentence shareware that you can see. But for the past few days, these things have been the subject of discussion on social media. When the trend of comparing different social attitudes between India and the United States on social media reached Pakistan, here too social media users started making memes and comedy posts using Pakistani and American flags.

Most of the consumers who have compared the thinking of the people of Pakistan and the United States have tried to highlight how the 'straight talk is turned upside down and the negative side' is given in Pakistan. In addition to humor, the trend also highlights some of the bitter realities in Pakistani society, especially the problems faced by women in society and the things that make them think of some negative thinking people. Have to listen from Not only that, but the trend also includes men, job seekers, mental health, and other issues.

'Eno Lahore Ly Jao' 'اینو لہور لے جاؤ' 

A Facebook user posted about the trend: "In the United States, critically ill patients are kept in the ICU until they recover properly, while in Pakistan, patients are treated by doctors." It is suggested to take him to Lahore and seek treatment from there, which reflects the lack of medical facilities in small towns.

'Kuri no jin pe gaye ne' 'کُڑی نو جِن پے گئے نے'

Depression, mental and emotional health is a fact. But there is a general perception in Pakistan that there is a need for awareness on this issue because not much attention is paid to this issue. On the other hand, people suffering from depression and stress or mental health problems often hear strange things instead of getting help from their surroundings.

Bitter talk about women in society

While satire and jokes are being made about this trend on social media, there is also talk of negative thinking and bitter realities regarding some aspects of women's lives in Pakistani society.

Participating in this trend, most of the women complained that in our country, a working woman is not considered good' or 'even an unmarried girl is criticized'.

Are these attitudes found only in Pakistani society?

While on the one hand there is talk of attitudes and thinking in Pakistan, on the other hand, many consumers are saying that these specific and negative thinking people are found in every country of the world.

It is also being criticized that by proving our society bad through this trend, we forget that the actions of a few people cannot be a reflection of the whole society.

Apart from Pakistan, there are many similarities in the same trend in India.


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