Destroy 8 years of my life to save a relationship, Saba Qamar

Destroy 8 years of my life to save a relationship, Saba Qamar

Leading Pakistani actress Saba Qamar had recently launched her own YouTube channel, which she said would allow new talent to emerge through her YouTube channel.

The actress recently shared the first episode on her YouTube channel in which she described her loneliness in the lockdown caused by the coronavirus.

And now Saba Qamar has shared another video on her channel in which she presented a comedy show where strange questions are asked from celebrities.

In the video, Saba Qamar was asked about comparisons between past and present actresses and their romantic lives.

During the interview, Saba Qamar said, "I think actors should be something that ordinary people can connect with.
 I want to do things that look real. "

Meanwhile, the actress also revealed that she had been in a relationship with someone for 8 years, but the outcome of this relationship was very bad.

"From a very young age, girls are taught that even if they die, they will never leave the first man in their life. That one sentence ruined eight years of my life," she said.

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According to Saba Qamar, he has mistreated, and later they were left for another woman.

According to the actress, "He lied to me, mistreated me, humiliated me, and later apologized. This relationship was important to me because I was thinking about marriage, so I kept it for 8 years thinking that He will get better, but he did not get better, he destroyed my mind.

Remember that the first episode shared on his YouTube channel was called 'Isolation' considering the current situation.

The episode begins with Saba Qamar's normal life, followed by loneliness due to lockdown.


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