Despite the issuance of money and visas, Omar Sharif could not leave for the United States

Despite the issuance of money and visas, Omar Sharif could not leave for the United States

Legendary comedian Omar Sharif, who has been suffering from a heart condition for the past one month, could not leave for the United States despite receiving US visa and funds from the Sindh government for his treatment.

The Sindh government had on September 20 released more than Rs 28.4 million to transfer Omar Sharif from Karachi to Washington for treatment, but three days later, an air ambulance could not reach him. Regarding the delay in the air ambulance, Omar Sharif's son Jawad Umar had told Bol News on September 22 that the air ambulance had applied for entry into Pakistani territory and would get the schedule soon.

According to Jawad Omar, the air ambulance will provide the schedule only after getting permission and he hopes that he will get the schedule within 24 hours but despite the passage of one day, he could not get the schedule. The actor's son also confirmed that his father is in better health and is now able to travel comfortably in an air ambulance.

However, on the other hand, it is learned that a new problem has arisen regarding the transfer of Omar Sharif with his family by air ambulance, after which the family of the actor was not accompanied by him under Plan B but on commercial flights. Will be sent to America via According to Geo News, the air ambulance will come to Pakistan from Canada and on its way to the United States, it will stop in one country in Europe and then stop in Canada, and finally it will reach the United States.

According to the report, due to the air ambulance stopping in a European country and Canada, Omar Sharif's family will need a visa to Canada and Europe in addition to the United States, otherwise they will not be put in the air ambulance.

The report said that the air ambulance company had informed about the issue five days ago and now there are possibly three days left for the ambulance to reach Pakistan and in such a short time Omar Sharif's family has been granted European and Canadian visas. It is difficult to find, so the actor's family is likely to be sent to the United States on commercial flights.

The report added that patients aboard air ambulances are exempt from European and Canadian visas, so only they are likely to be transported to the United States by ambulance. The report also confirmed that the money released by the Sindh government has been received by the air ambulance company.

Following the new issue of Omar Sharif's departure for the United States for treatment with his family, it is believed that the actor's family will be sent to the United States on commercial flights before him and an air ambulance will be sent to the actor by September 26. Will reach Pakistan to pick up.


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