Designer Maria B's husband charged with endangering thousands of lives

Designer Maria B's husband charged with endangering thousands of lives

Posted on Mar 25, 2020

A video by Pakistan's renowned fashion designer Maria B is going viral on social media in which she is seen crying out for justice for her husband.

Maria B stated in her video that Punjab police raided her house at night and arrested her husband while he did not give her a chance to speak with a lawyer.

The designer did not specify the reason for the husband's arrest in his video, though he said he and his family were at risk of being infected with the Coronavirus.

However, a Lahore police spokeswoman dismissed the video made by the designer as baseless, saying that Maria B's husband Tahir Saeed was arrested by police because he had taken his cook-infected kitchen to the hospital. Instead, he was sent back to his village.

According to police, Hafiz Omar Farooq, an employee of designer brand owner Tahir Saeed, was diagnosed with the Coronavirus, and instead of contacting relevant authorities, he sent him back to the village.

According to reports, Omar Farooq's condition was deteriorating for several days after which he was tested in a private lab.

Police said Omar Farooq, who was affected by the Corona, drove two buses to his village Vehari and met several people on the way.

The authorities concerned contacted Tahir Saeed after receiving information from the laboratory, who told that Omar Farooq had gone to his village, after which the authorities, with the help of police, arrested Omar Farooq and shifted to an Isolation ward.

However, after investigating the matter, police arrested Tahir Saeed, the owner of the Maria B brand, who has been released on bail.

According to a police spokeswoman, Maria B is blaming the police despite her husband's mistake, while the negligence of her husband could endanger the lives of all the people in the village of Umar Farooq, while also quarantining the entire village.

After the release of her husband, Maria Bee also released another video along with her husband, in which the designer thanked Imran Khan while criticizing the Punjab police.

Maria B's husband Tahir Saeed said in the video that the police harassed him and entered his house around 12:30 pm and arrested him.

He also said that he and the entire family's Corona test results had been negative.


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