Children's stories are now being broadcast from space

Children's stories are now being broadcast from space

Posted on Jan 22, 2020

Children's stories are now being broadcast from space
Washington: Astronauts from the International Space Station are reading to children every day about their favourite books, NASA has launched a special series called 'Story Time From Space'.

Telling stories and events to children at bedtime also increases their word choice, reading comprehension and intellectual ability. This is why parents around the world tell stories to their children, but some children are deprived of it, and the original astronauts have launched a program in collaboration with NASA to address this shortcoming. 
The program is launched in collaboration with the Global Space Education Foundation and NASA, in which astronauts, after completing their research and work, tell children classic stories from space. In this way, children can listen to their stories from home.

The project is jointly initiated by Patricia Traib and astronaut Benjamin Evelyn Drew Jr., an educationist. For this, special children's books were delivered to the space station. Astronauts make a video reading a book and then upload it to the YouTube channel and their web patch.
In this way, listening to stories increases children's interest in reading and on the other hand, interest in space and scientific studies is also increasing. First, Benjamin Alvin read the book 'Max Goes to the Moon', a beautiful story about the last flight of the space shuttle Discovery.

After that, all the astronauts read stories from space for children who are becoming very popular. In addition, astronauts have conducted scientific experiments for children on the ISS.


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