Chief of undergarments brand 'Victoria Secret' accused of sexual exploitation of models

Chief of undergarments brand 'Victoria Secret' accused of sexual exploitation of models

Posted on Feb 3, 2020

Edward Razek, 71, former chief financial officer of Victoria's Secret, the world's most expensive undergarments brand, has accused 71-year-old Edward Razek of at least 30 female employees and models of sexually abusing her for work. ۔

This is the first time that such a large number of women have openly accused a senior Victoria Secretariat officer.

Previously, though, the models continued to claim that they were treated unfairly and were not selected even after their auditions.

Some models and women have also criticized Victoria Secret's ultra-bold fashion show, claiming that she was being forced into a semi-nude catwalk.

However, for the first time, female employees and models have accused other top officials of the company of sexual harassment, sexual exploitation and sexual intercourse for work.

The allegations against Victoria Secretariat are being considered the biggest incident in 2017 after allegations of sexual exploitation and rap by more than 30 women accused of film producer Harvey Winston.

According to a US newspaper New York Times investigative report, Edward Razek has been accused of sexually assaulting at least 30 female employees and models, some of which have been corroborated by court documents.

edward razek

Edward Razek Abused During Audition - Photo: Victoria Secret
In the research report where female employees of Victoria Secret are mentioned, there are references to the models.

The report said that most models accused Edward Razek of sexual exploitation, claiming that top executives sexually assaulted her on the pretext of choosing her for a fashion show.


According to several models, since Victoria is a brand of secret undergarments, the top official was subjected to sexual exploitation during a catwalk audition wearing 'underwear'.

The report describes an incident involving a leading American supermodel Bella Hadid, Victoria Secretary of Defense Edward Razek exploited the model in front of others.



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