Check Your Bank Balance Before Asking Me, Waqar Zaka

Check Your Bank Balance Before Asking Me, Waqar Zaka

Posted on May 26, 2021

Waqar Zaka, a TV, social media, and self-proclaimed cryptocurrency specialist who rose to prominence by hosting divisive reality shows have sent a letter to those who challenge him to deposit as much of his bank account as possible. Waqar Zaka revealed on May 24 in a brief tweet that he did not have the same fortune as Elon Musk, the founder of the American company Tesla and one of the world's wealthiest people.

He said that he was unqualified to challenge Elon Musk because he lacked Elon Musk's capital. Waqar Zaka, on the other hand, wrote that since he did not represent mankind as well as Elon Musk, he was unable to challenge him at this time. Waqar Zaka, citing Elon Musk as an example, advised people not to ask him questions because they had the same bank balance as him.

People should first balance their bank accounts with them, then ask them questions, according to the self-proclaimed cryptocurrency specialist. He did not, though, reveal his bank balance in his tweet. Waqar Zaka's tweet was in response to a question posed by another.

Waqar Zaka told the questioner that he didn't have enough money to ask him, while also arguing that he should first raise Rs 1 million, then spend it, and finally waste it. Many criticized Waqar Zaka after his tweet to prevent people from lowering their bank accounts by raising questions, claiming that if his comments were observed, no one would be able to query Nawaz Sharif because they have the highest bank balance.

Others chastised Waqar Zaka for making the aforementioned statement, claiming that he was planning to become the country's and nation's future chief and that after his current tweet, he seems to be unaccountable to everyone throughout the future. Waqar Zaka's tweet also shows some people asking him questions about the crooked currency's future, such as what will happen next.

Waqar Zaka had previously said in a tweet on May 16 that the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government had employed him as a cryptocurrency specialist. Waqar Zaka also included a notification from the KP government from February this year, which included his name as a senator. Waqar Zaka had previously offered Prime Minister Imran Khan in a tweet on May 4 that if he was permitted to rule the government, he would use cryptocurrency to pay off the country's debts.

Waqar Zaka wrote in a tweet that if he is not allowed to lead the country, Pakistanis should insist that the government and Prime Minister come up with a proposal to pay off the debt.


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