Celebrations of Saboor Aly 'Mayo' After 'dholaki'

Celebrations of Saboor Aly 'Mayo' After 'dholaki'

Actress Saboor Aly, who got engaged to actor Ali Ansari in May last year, started celebrating 'Mayo' after 'Dholki.' Actress Saboor Ali confirmed her wedding by sharing a photo of the 'Mayo' ceremony on Instagram between the nights of January 5 and 6.

In the photo shared by the actress, he and Ali Ansari can be seen hugging each other.

Saboor Ali's wedding celebrations begin with the 'Dholaki' ritual. While sharing the photo, Saboor Ali wrote 'Bismillah' in a short caption. Many fans, including showbiz personalities, congratulated him on his photo and wished him the happiness of new life.

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Ali Ansari also shared the photo and confirmed the start of his wedding celebrations.

In addition, videos and photos of Saboor Ali's 'Mayo' celebrations went viral on other social media pages, and people expressed good wishes for their favorite actress. Her close friends and various actresses, including her sister actress Sajjal Aly, were also seen at the celebrations of her 'Mayo.'

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According to reports, the two will marry on January 10, and their ceremony would most likely be on January 15, but neither has acknowledged this. Interestingly, Saboor Aly close friend and fiance Ali Ansari's sister Maryam Ansari married two weeks ago. Maryam Ansari was married to Awais Khan, son of former national cricketer Moin Khan, at the end of December 2021. The couple was married in February 2021.

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