Canadian Vlogger Rosie Gabriel will perform Hajj next year

Canadian Vlogger Rosie Gabriel will perform Hajj next year

Posted on Jan 15, 2020

Canadian vlogger Rosie Gabriel will perform Hajj next year. Canadian Vlogger Rosie Gabriel, who entered Islam last week, has said she will go for Hajj or Umrah in the next one year.
Canadian vlogger Rosie Gabriel, who has identified peaceful Pakistan around the world, announced last week that she would embrace Islam, influenced by Islamic teachings and Pakistani culture. Muslims around the world praised the decision to accept accepted Islam and welcomed the decision and expressed their best wishes for a new life.
On receiving so much love, Rosie Gabriel thanked all the people on social media, saying that they had never thought about the reaction they would receive. I thank you all for providing so much love and support at the beginning of a new way of life.
Rosie also wrote that, as I have said before, because of my belief in God and my relationship with God, I still considered myself technically a Muslim but this is a new chapter for me. Rosie said that I did not declare acceptable Islam in front of everyone to gain attention or to increase my followers (though I am anxious to get the attention), rather I made myself accountable and I wanted the whole world. Witness my decision and I am now ready to be a better person.
Rosie Gabriel said after the decision to enter the realm of Islam, many people asked me many questions that I had already answered. Here are some of these questions. Will I change my name once I enter Islam, and the answer is no? Another question was if my family accepted my decision, so the answer is yes.
Rosie Gabriel said she has not joined any sect since entering the realm of Islam. After the declaration of acceptable Islam, many people offered marriage to Rosie, which they refused.
Rosie said that many people asked him about Hajj and Umrah, which Rosie said he would do Hajj or Umrah in the next one year. Will I have a full hijab? Answering this question, Rosie said no, because it is not mandatory. Many people ask, that after accepting Islam, will you give up biking and fitness? In response to this question, Rosie said no, she would continue her biking and fitness.
Rosie said the comment section of her post was full of love and support from the public, but many people criticized her for fear, ignorance and intolerance. As humans, we are afraid of something we do not understand. I want to be an example to all human beings and to fill the gaps so that people can understand what Islam really is, inshallah hearts will soften and minds will open. Ameen.


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