Campaign Case Against Ali Zafar: Challan Accepted Against Mesha Shafi and Others

Campaign Case Against Ali Zafar: Challan Accepted Against Mesha Shafi and Others

Posted on Dec 18, 2020

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) had convicted nine people, including singer Meesha Shafi, in a case of defaming singer Ali Zafar on social media and asked the trial court to take action against all of them and now the prosecution team has filed a case. The invoice has been accepted.

It may be recalled that singer and actor Ali Zafar had lodged a complaint with the FIA ​​two years ago against a well-organized campaign against him on social media, which was investigated by the Federal Investigation Agency for almost two years. After two years of investigation by the FIA, the Federal Investigation Agency submitted its investigation report to the court. In the report submitted to the court, singer Meesha Shafi, actress Effat Umar, singer Ali Gul Pir, and Hamna Raza were found guilty of running a false campaign against Ali Zafar and the court was asked to take action against them.

Ali Zafar's lawyer Barrister Umbereen Qureshi later shared the petition filed by the singer and the evidence submitted to the FIA ​​on social media after the FIA ​​completed its investigation and submitted a report to the court. Umbereen Qureshi also admitted in his tweet that incidents of sexual harassment are difficult to prove, but he proved that his client was defamed by presenting evidence of a well-organized false campaign against Ali Zafar.

On the other hand, singer Meesha Shafi's legal team had said that there were "flaws" in the investigation completed by the FIA ​​at the request of Ali Zafar. The singer's legal team said that the main legal point of the FIA ​​is to prove how guilty Meesha Shafi is and it has not been determined yet. At the same time, Meesha Shafi's team expressed hope that the singer and others named in the case would not be found guilty in the relevant courts.

Now the prosecution team has accepted the challan submitted by the Federal Investigation Agency against all the accused including Meesha Shafi. The FIA ​​had completed the investigation and submitted the challan to the prosecution in which 8 accused including singer Meesha Shafi and actress Effat Omar have been named. Following approval by the prosecution, Judicial Magistrate Zulfiqar Bari will hear the FIA ​​challan.

However, a date for hearing on the challan has not been fixed yet. It may be recalled that Meesha Shafi had accused Ali Zafar of sexual harassment in April 2018 and claimed that the singer harassed her when she had become a famous singer including becoming a mother of children. However, Ali Zafar immediately denied the allegations. Later, a campaign was launched against Ali Zafar on social media.

After making the allegations, Meesha Shafi had also filed a petition against Ali Zafar with the Punjab Ombudsman and the Governor of Punjab, but their plea was rejected, on which Ali Zafar filed a defamation suit against the singer in the Lahore Sessions Court. The complaint was lodged with the IA. The defamation case filed by Ali Zafar is still pending in the Sessions Court while the FIA ​​completed its investigation on December 15 and submitted a report to the trial court. Declaring that further legal action was requested against him.


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