Campaign case against Ali Zafar: Arrest warrants issued for Effat Omar and Ali Gul Pir

Campaign case against Ali Zafar: Arrest warrants issued for Effat Omar and Ali Gul Pir

On the complaint of actor and singer Ali Zafar, the Lahore Judicial Magistrate summoned singer Mesha Shafi in a case filed under the Cyber Crimes Act, and issued arrest warrants for Effat Omar and Ali Gul Pir.

According to Dawn, not all of the defendants implicated in the case came before a magistrate on Tuesday (September 7th). Actresses Effat Omar, Faizan Raza, Haseem-uz-Zaman, Fareeha Ayub, and Lena Ghani filed petitions to be excused from having to attend in person. Due to their permanent domicile, almost all of them applied to live and work in Karachi, and they said it was impossible for them to attend every court session. Due to a personal obligation, actress Effat Omar asked for an exemption in Karachi.

Magistrate Yousuf Abdul Rehman, in a written ruling delivered Wednesday, rejected the accused's grounds and dismissed the requests for permanent immunity. On October 6, the magistrate issued Effat Omar a bailable arrest warrant and a non-bailable arrest warrant for Ali Gul Pir, who had never appeared in court.

Simultaneously, the magistrate issued summonses to vocalist Mesha Shafi and Mahim Javed, ordering them to appear at the next hearing. The FIA has filed a FIR under Section 109 of the Pakistan Electronic Crimes Act and the Pakistan Penal Code against nine people, including Mesha Shafi, for allegedly running a cruel campaign against Ali Zafar on social media.

Mesha Shafi accused Ali Zafar of sexual harassment in April 2018, alleging that the singer tormented her after she became famous, especially after she became a mother. Ali Zafar, on the other hand, quickly refuted the charges and then launched a social media campaign against him.

Mesha Shafi also filed a complaint against Ali Zafar with the Punjab Ombudsman and the Governor of Punjab after the charges, but their request was denied. In the Lahore Sessions Court, Ali Zafar filed a slander complaint against the singer. The IA was notified of the complaint.

Ali Zafar's contempt case is still pending in the Sessions Court.


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