Bushra Bibi Is More Important to Me Than My Mother, Noor Bukhari

Bushra Bibi Is More Important to Me Than My Mother, Noor Bukhari

Posted on Jan 15, 2021

Former actress Noor Bukhari, who has lived her life according to Islamic teachings, says goodbye to the Pakistani film industry. Former Pakistani actress Noor Bukhari, who left showbiz and lived according to religious teachings, is very active on social media. And he's in the news these days for answering questions from his fans on the social app Instagram. Noor Bukhari answered various questions of the fans yesterday and on this occasion, he talked about Prime Minister Imran Khan's wife Bushra Bibi, and her husband.

A fan asked him what Noor Bukhari has to do with the Prime Minister's wife Bushra Bibi. Responding to this, Noor Bukhari, explaining the importance of First Lady Bushra Bibi in her life, wrote that "she is more important to me than her mother".

It may be recalled that the former actress had said in the past that she had met Bushra Bibi through a loved one which had brought positive changes in her life. Another user asked Noor Bukhari, "What do your husbands do and what is their name?"

Responding to this, Noor said that her husband's name is Aun Chaudhry and he is involved in politics.

In a question on Instagram, a user told Noor Bukhari that she had never seen him with her about her husband. Answering this question in an Instagram story, Noor Bukhari shared a photo of Aun Chaudhry with his daughter and wrote, "My husband is my hero, the best man in the world."

He also answered other questions in the stories. A user had asked if Noor belonged to Multan, to which he replied that he was from Lahore and was born in Lahore while his mother was from Multan. Fans also asked him if Noor was his real name and what his star was.

In addition, Noor Bukhari called the question of a fan who asked him if Shahrbano is his real daughter the most humorous. Answering which he said that this is the funniest question I do not take others with children.

It may be recalled that last year news was circulating that Noor Bukhari had remarried her ex-husband Aun Chaudhry for the fifth time but no statement was made by her in this regard. After she divorced her fourth husband, Noor Bukhari dismissed the showbiz and announced that she would live according to religious teachings, and later appeared in religious programs on TV.

After the failure of her fourth marriage and the beginning of her religious life, Noor Bukhari also opened her own YouTube channel in which she was seen preaching religion. Two-and-a-half years later, rumors began circulating that she had remarried her ex-husband for the fifth time, when she shared a photo of her ex-husband, Aun Chaudhry, on her Instagram, calling him "her real hero".

However, sources close to them had confirmed last year that the two had remarried a year ago, in 2018. In addition, Noor Bukhari also shared photos of his little city on his first birthday a few days ago.


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