Bushra Ansari: Until people take Corona seriously, I will not come to Pakistan

Bushra Ansari: Until people take Corona seriously, I will not come to Pakistan

Posted on Jun 4, 2020

Actress Bushra Ansari has lamented the nation's lack of caution despite the rapid spread of the coronavirus, saying she is currently abroad and will not return to the country until the nation won't take it seriously.

Bushra Ansari had recently gone abroad and then remained there due to the lockdown and closure of air service, but now a video of her has come to light, in which she blames Pakistanis for not being serious about Corona.

In a short video, Bushra Ansari lamented the failure to take the coronavirus seriously and said that Pakistanis considered the epidemic a joke and a delusion. The well-known actress said that due to Corona's lack of caution, there was such a big problem in the country and she is saddened by the attitude of the nation and she will not return home unless the nation takes Corona's problem seriously.

In the video, the actress said in her traditional way that she is away from home at the moment but she misses the country all the time. There is nothing good abroad but she is there under duress. The actress said that some people are telling her not to go to Pakistan, no one there is taking the epidemic seriously and she too will not return home until the nation takes Corona seriously.

It may be recalled that the lockdown in Pakistan was eased from mid-March, after which normalcy has now been partially restored across the country.

Corona cases have been on the rise in the country since the lockdown was eased, with a record 4,000 new cases on June 2 and more than 40 deaths.

By the morning of June 3, the number of Corona patients in the country had risen to 78,824, while the death toll had risen to 1,658. The highest number of corona cases was 31,083 in Sindh province while the number of corona patients in Punjab had also increased to 27,850.


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