Bilal Saeed and Saba Qamar Apologized for Shooting the Video in Wazir Khan Mosque

Bilal Saeed and Saba Qamar Apologized for Shooting the Video in Wazir Khan Mosque

Posted on Aug 11, 2020

Singer Bilal Saeed and actress Saba Qamar have apologized to the public for shooting their upcoming music video 'Qubool Hai' at the historic Wazir Khan Mosque in Lahore.

The full video of the song will be released soon, but two days ago the singer and actress released a teaser of the song and at the same time a clip taken from the teaser went viral on social media. The viral video clip shows Saba Qamar and Bilal Saeed posing for a photoshoot on the mosque grounds, but many social media users have accused them of both dancing in the mosque and playing music in the background.

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After the allegations were made on social media, however, Bilal Saeed and Saba Qamar had clarified that nowhere in the video was there a glimpse of dancing at the Wazir Khan Mosque, nor did they do anything like that.

The duo also clarified that music was not played in the background during the wedding scenes shot in the mosque, but they were still severely criticized, after which they apologized to the public. Singer Bilal Saeed apologized to the public in his Instagram video and once again made it clear that he neither danced in the mosque nor played music in the background during the scenes shot in the mosque.

In a short video, Bilal Saeed admitted that he and Saba Qamar had a photoshoot just like a married couple after marriage in Wazir Khan Mosque, which was misrepresented and misunderstood. Bilal Saeed admitted that the mistake was made by him unintentionally and that he was born a Muslim and raised in a Muslim family, he could not even think of insulting the mosque.

He repented to God for the unintentional mistake in the video and apologized to the people. Like Bilal Saeed, Saba Qamar also explained that in the clip which is being criticized, neither dance nor music was played in the background. He also clarified that all the short shots in his upcoming song 'Qubool Hai' were shot at Wazir Khan Mosque.

Following criticism of the duo's song, it is now being speculated that the duo may release the song with some delay. Bilal Saeed and Saba Qamar have announced the release of 'Qubool Hai' on August 11. Saba Qamar has also given instructions for the song.


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