Bangladeshi author Taslima Nasreen criticized Khadija Rehman's hijab on Twitter

Bangladeshi author Taslima Nasreen criticized Khadija Rehman's hijab on Twitter

Khadijah Rahman, daughter of Oscar-winning Indian composer AR Rahman, has been criticized on social media for his frequent wearing of the hijab.

AR Rahman was also described as a conservative figure when he wore his daughter's hijab.

And now Bangladeshi author Taslima Nasreen also criticized Khadija Rehman's hijab on social networking site Twitter.

In his tweet, Taslima Nasreen also shared a photo of Khadija on which she wrote, "I love AR Rahman's music but every time I see his daughter, I feel sad. It is possible that even with educated women from such families, their views can be compelled. '

Nasreen tweeted that she was criticized by consumers, while Khadijah Rahman, daughter of AR Rahman, also gave her a rapturous response on Instagram.

Khadija Rehman shared a screenshot of Taslima Nasreen's tweet in a post on his Instagram account.

On this, he wrote, 'It's only been a year and this topic has come out again, so much is happening in the country and people are worried about what a woman chooses to wear, whenever this topic When I come out, I get very angry and my heart wants to say a lot. '

She added, "I will not weaken or regret my choices in life, I am happy and proud of my choices and I am grateful to all who have accepted me this way. What, my work will speak for me, I don't want to say anything else '.

According to Khadija, if anyone is wondering why I am giving so much explanation then the answer is that sometimes it is necessary to speak up.

Khadija Rehman formally replied to Taslima Nasreen, writing: "I am sorry if Taslima Nasreen is sorry for me, please get some fresh air, because I do not feel knee, I feel empowered. Yes, I suggest you read Feminism on Google, because it does not mean criticizing other women and not involving their father in such fights, as far as I can remember. You didn't even send me any photos'.


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Remember that during a ceremony to celebrate the completion of 10 years of AR Rahman's Oscar-winning last year when his daughter Khadija was invited on stage, he interviewed his father on the stage. ۔

However, after the event, people on social networking websites called his father AR Rahman a conservative figure because of Khadija's dress.

People also described AR Rahman as pretending to Islam for wearing Khadija's hijab and other daughters' hijabs.


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