Azekah Daniel had to leave the program after making a derogatory joke.

Azekah Daniel had to leave the program after making a derogatory joke.

Posted on Sep 6, 2022

Model and actress Azekah Daniel have claimed that she was subjected to insulting jokes while filming a comedy show, leaving her in tears.

A tweet made on a Twitter account under Azekah Daniel claimed that the actress had been insulted in the name of a joke.

Azekah Daniel said in her short tweet that she had to leave a show in tears while shooting because some comedians don't understand the difference between comedy and mockery.

The actress wrote that she had to leave the set full of people in tears.

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She wrote that jokes are meant to be funny, not insulting, and comedians must understand the difference.

Other social media platforms shared Azekah Daniel’s above tweet, and people asked her to reveal the show's name.

Most people agreed with him and wrote that most comedians in today's shows come from theaters; everyone knows what theaters are like.

People also condemned and sympathized with Azekah Daniel for jokingly insulting him.

Fans demanded the actress reveal the show's name so that people know what kind of dull-minded comedians are in each show.

However, despite people's mystery, the actress did not reveal the show's name.


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