Ayyan Ali, the Main Character in the Dollar Smuggling Case, Returns to Showbiz

Ayyan Ali, the Main Character in the Dollar Smuggling Case, Returns to Showbiz

Posted on Jul 13, 2020

Model, the producer and singer Ayyan Ali, best known for his performances and voice over the 'dollar smuggling' case, has announced his return to showbiz, releasing seven new songs simultaneously. Ayyan Ali has been seen modelling in various songs and fashion shows in the past, but she gained the most notoriety five years ago in 2015 when she was arrested on charges of currency smuggling. Model Ayyan Ali was arrested on March 14, 2015, on her way to Dubai from Islamabad's Bezar International Airport and 500,000 US dollar was recovered from her.

It was only after this incident that she was nicknamed the 'Dollar Girl' and she remained in jail for at least 4 months and her case remained the most important case in the country. Her name was added to the Exit Control List (ECL), including the indictment, and she continued to face the case in the courts until February 2017. However, in February, the Supreme Court allowed her to go abroad, after which she left for Dubai on February 17, 2017.

The smuggling case against her was not over and he was released on bail and in March last year, the Supreme Court, while hearing his case, had said in its remarks that the accused were involved in currency smuggling. Model Ayyan Ali, who went abroad after being granted bail in a currency smuggling case, has also been less active on social media in the last three years. However, on July 11, he surprised everyone by announcing his return to showbiz in his social media posts.

Ayyan Ali shared a photo of herself with luxury cars in his tweet and Instagram post and announced that in the next one or two weeks, he will release 7 new songs simultaneously. The model and singer hope that her fans will love her return to the showbiz after 5 years and her songs will also be much loved. The model shared a photo with the car and wrote that she wanted to listen to the songs in her favourite Lamborghini car to make sure that the music and sound of the songs would entertain the fans.


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