Aysha Omar's Big Confession

Aysha Omar's Big Confession

Posted on Nov 11, 2019

Actress Aisha Omar, who appeared in the recently released film 'Kaf Kangana', has admitted that none of her 'good films' have been released so far. While she has not yet described her released films as 'extremely good', she claims that she will soon have her best movie release.

Although Aisha Omar has played a great role in many dramas and she has been a model herself, she has worked in a few films and she says that all of her films released so far have not been her favorite. Ayesha Umer appeared in the 2011 release 'Love Mein Gum', but she started her film career as a lead actress in the 2015 romantic film 'Karachi say Lahore'.

Aysha Omar's 'Karachi say Lahore' was highly praised, after which she also appeared in Invasion and recently her film 'Kaf Kangna' was also released.

Aysha Omar also appeared in the romantic film 'Saat Din Muhabbat In' released last year and she will be appearing in more films soon. Speaking to the US Broadcasting Voice of America, Aysha Omar claimed that her upcoming films would be better than the films she released so far.

Aysha Omar replied to a question that she has not liked any of her released films so far, but she is confident that her best movie will be released soon. Although Aysha Omar did not elaborate on the future movie release, it is reported that she will also be seen in 'Rehbra' along with a film directed by Kamran Shahid.

Although the shooting of 'Rahbar' has been going on for some time, the actress said that the shooting was canceled for some reason. The actress is reported that she will soon be seen in action in a film about rural and troubled life in Balochistan province.

It is premature to say which of Aysha Omar's films will be the first to be released, but the actress has claimed in regards to her upcoming films that they will be her best films.

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