Ayeza Khan's advice to make face mask a part of fashion

Ayeza Khan's advice to make face mask a part of fashion

Posted on Apr 28, 2020

Famous Pakistani actress Ayeza Khan's fashion has been hailed by both colleagues and fans in the showbiz industry and now the actress has demanded a new change in fashion in view of the epidemic Corona which has spread all over the world.

Doctors around the world are taking precautionary measures against coronavirus and advising people to wear masks and in such a situation actress Ayeza Khan has made this mask a part of her fashion.

Ayeza Khan recently shared some photos on her Instagram account in which she looked very beautiful in a red pair.

In these photos, the actress was wearing a hand-made face mask to match her dress, which made her the center of attention.

On one of her photos, the actress wrote, "Now every dress must have a matching mask."

He also wrote that what is wrong with wearing a matching mask?

Meanwhile, Ayeza Khan also participated in the Ramadan show hosted by actress Reema and shared a clip of the program on her Instagram account.

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Speaking of the coronavirus, the coronavirus is spreading rapidly in Pakistan and even today, after more cases, the number of victims has risen to 14,300 while the death toll has risen to 301.

The country has been plagued by the global epidemic for two months, but the number of cases has dropped in one month and increased in the other.

The first case of coronavirus in Pakistan was reported in Karachi on February 26, while the first death from the virus in the country was confirmed in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on March 18.

If you look at the prevalence of the virus, there were 1,000 cases in the country as of March 25, but since then about 13,000 new cases have been reported.


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