Ayeza Khan explained the reason for her Role

Ayeza Khan explained the reason for her Role

Posted on Feb 3, 2020

KARACHI: Pakistani actress Ayeza Khan, who played the role of Mehwish in ARY Digital, drama 'Mere pas tum ho ', has explained the reason for her role.

On social networking site Instagram, Ayeza Khan shared a detailed post about the drama in which she expressed her feelings and also explained the reason of playing her role as Mehwish.

Aiza wrote that "Mehwish is a character that no one wants to do because heroin can never be evil, she cannot be a girl that people hate. Heroin will always be very innocent, crying, screaming, agitated, will be helpless, forgiving, will do anything but never betray, Heroin cannot be a girl who tells other girls that love is not unfaithful and where there is unfaithfulness there is no love. '.

Aiza Khan wrote: "No one's life is complete, never seems to lose money but sometimes it feels that money will run out. What will you do? Sometimes We thinks Our parents will always be with Us when they not appear. We Remember, sometimes it seems that there is no love in relationships, but these people do not give up in distress. '

“When you think of becoming a mother, you make your life a day to day, a day to do something for your children”.

Mere pas tum ho Mehwish wrote that 'unfaithfulness comes from the husband, but the heart breaks for the children, because the marital husband will marry but He will never become the father of the children'.

Aiza Khan wrote that 'the purpose of being an abuser Mehwish was that when the husband commits unfaithfulness, the wife suffers the same suffering, it is not really a betrayal wife but a mother's story'.

The actress wrote that maybe "Mere pas tum ho” story will always be remembered because of a woman who Hurt the heart of children because parents are always a mirror for children, whether it be love or hate, what children learn, they will do the same.


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