Ayesha Omar's Explanation on Allegations of Marriage to Shoaib Malik

Ayesha Omar's Explanation on Allegations of Marriage to Shoaib Malik

Actress Ayesha Omar recently shared photos of a promotional photo shoot with cricketer Shoaib Malik on Instagram and people asked her if she planned to marry the cricketer. Ayesha Omar shared photos of a photoshoot with Shoaib Malik a few days ago when Shoaib Malik recently became the fastest Pakistani player to make a fifty in the T20 World Cup.

Shoaib Malik scored 54 off just 18 balls in the November 7 match against Scotland. After the excellent performance by Shoaib Malik, Ayesha Omar shared the photos of the old photo shoot with him on her Instagram, on which many people commented and both of them were taken aback.

In the photos shared by the actress, she can be seen in the swimming pool with Shoaib Malik. People criticized her for these photos. Many people reminded the actress of the values ​​of Sharia and society while some people even used very harsh language against her.

Some people taunted the actress that she had kept the photos of the photo shoot for Shoaib Malik's excellent performance and when the cricketer played a brilliant innings, he shared the photos with her. Commenting on her photos, a fan asked her if she planned to marry Shoaib Malik.

To the fan's question, Ayesha Omar answered him seriously and said no, not at all, Shoaib Malik is married and he is very happy with his wife. In her comment, Ayesha Omar mentioned Shoaib Malik and his wife Sania Mirza and said that she respects both of them and that Shoaib Malik is their best friend.

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The actress told the questioner that she and Shoaib Malik have a lot of respect for each other, they have a good friendship and that there are such relationships in the world. Remember that the photos that Ayesha Omar shared now are from two weeks ago, however, the actress has now shared them on her Instagram.

The photo shoot was part of a publicity stunt that went viral and was widely criticized.


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