Atif Aslam: Offering Azaan in Khana Kaba is the Life's Greatest Desire

Atif Aslam: Offering Azaan in Khana Kaba is the Life's Greatest Desire

Pakistan's most popular singer Atif Aslam has said that his greatest desire in life is to Offering Azaan in the Kaaba.

Speaking on the private channel Geo News program Capital Talk, the singer said in response to a question that "Azan in the Kaaba is the greatest desire of life, whoever recommends me, I will work for him the rest of his life".

Recently, Atif Aslam released a video of Azan which went viral across Pakistan. Regarding this, the singer said, “I have heard that in the time of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) people used to go to the rooftops and call for prayers. The idea came to me from there and I acted on it without thinking further.

He said, "I couldn't sleep all night the day before the recording. It's impossible to put those feelings into words. I never thought I would get such an opportunity by the grace of God,".

When asked his fans think he is saying goodbye to the music world, Atif Aslam said, "Leaving the music industry is a personal matter, but I want to take religion with the world." "I am not saying that I will give up music altogether, but I want to highlight important aspects of the religion, such as the beautiful names of Allah Almighty and the Tajdar-e-Haram."

He said that he was happy that the youth were paying attention not only to his songs but also to these things, but he was not saying goodbye to music yet.

Atif Aslam said, "We do a lot in life, there are some good deeds and some bad deeds. I am lucky that the Tajdar-e-Haram was able to perform and I consider myself very lucky to have had the opportunity to meet Asma-ul-Husna." I can't describe the feelings I felt when I recited the Names of Allah.

Last month, Cook Studios released a video of Asma-ul-Husna in the voice of singer Atif Aslam.

In the past, Cook Studios has released Naats in praise of the voices of not only Atif Aslam but also other singers who have won the hearts of the fans.

Last year, the twelfth season of Cook Studios started with the popular Hamd "Wohi Khuda Hai" recited by Atif Aslam.

He was also praised for reciting Azan. The video of the Azan in the voice of the Atif Aslam came out in April 2020.


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