Asim Denies His 'Fake Message' Regarding His Engagement

Asim Denies His 'Fake Message' Regarding His Engagement

Singer Asim Azhar has termed a screenshot of his engagement with model Merub Ali as fake. The day before, rumors of Asim Azhar and Merub Ali's engagement had spread and on July 6, Asim Azhar's name was also a top trend on Twitter. After the rumors of the engagement spread, a fake post of Asim Azhar's Instagram account was made viral, which has now been declared fake by the singer.

A fake post on the singer's account shared an explanatory message in the name of Asim Azhar, in which he described Merub Ali as his sister. The fake message attributed to Asim Azhar appealed to the people not to spread unverified information about singer and model Merub Ali. At the same time, in a fake message, it was written in the name of Asim Azhar that Merub Ali is like his sisters.

However, after the fake message went viral, Asim Azhar clarified in his tweet and Instagram story that the said message is fake. Expressing good wishes for the fans, Asim Azhar wrote in his tweet that the screenshot of the chat spread in his name is fake and please refrain from spreading it further. At the same time, he explained that he would make every decision about his life as clear as ever.

Although Asim Azhar clarified that a screenshot spread in his name was fake, he did not say in his explanatory statement whether he was engaged to Merub Ali or not. He did not confirm or deny the news of the engagement but said he would make a clear decision about his life. Just as Asim Azhar did not explicitly deny the news of the engagement, so far Merub Ali has not issued any explanatory statement in this regard.

Even after Asim Azhar explained about the fake screenshot planned in his name, the fans asked him if he wanted to explain the engagement issue and not the screenshot issue, so let the singer know that he is engaged. Some people said in their explanatory statement that Asim Azhar's statement made it clear that Merub Ali is not like his sisters but it was not clear whether he was engaged or not.


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