Asim Azhar apologized for criticizing the PSL5 anthem

Asim Azhar apologized for criticizing the PSL5 anthem

Posted on Feb 3, 2020

The official anthem of Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2020 'Tayyar Hain' was released on the internet a few days ago, which was badly criticized by the fans.

In the official anthem, Pakistan's leading singer Ali Azmat, folk singer Arif Lohar, singer Haroon Rasheed and Asim Azhar conveyed the magic of their voice.

The official lyrics of PSL5 'Tayyar Hain' were directed by leading composers Zulfiqar Jabar Khan (Zulfi) and Kamal Khan.

The anthem used 22 instruments, including copper, pliers, ribbons and harmoniums.

By the way, it was hoped that the fans would like this song, but something else happened, but now Asim Azhar, the singer performing in the song, also apologized for the disappointment of the fans.

Asim Azhar released his long statement via a tweet on social networking website Twitter.

In his statement, Asim Azhar said, "I am a big fan of cricket and that is why I understand why cricket and PSL are so important to the people of Pakistan".

He added, "I want to apologize to the fans whose hopes I could not meet, I know you look forward to this moment of the year but only and only good thinking and love of country and cricket. We all did our best to keep things apart that we hadn't done before. '

It should be noted that the fans disliked 'Tayyar Hain' and began to remember the antics of PSL in which Ali Zafar performed.

In this regard, the singer apologized for disappointing the fans and said, "I must say something else, PSL antagonists have no competition, of course, you have the right to like it or not. We all work for the same purpose so that we can do something better for cricket, PSL and Pakistan, all the PSL anthems are our own, if you don't like the one you can listen to another."

He urged fans to 'just comment on the work instead of criticizing the cast, the memes are hilarious but for a few likes it is not right for anyone to say that they are dead'.

It should be noted that Ali Zafar sang for the first three seasons of PSL.


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