Anoushey Ashraf Disagrees With Maria B on Shooting of Indian Designer

Anoushey Ashraf Disagrees With Maria B on Shooting of Indian Designer

Posted on Jun 4, 2021

Actress and model Anoushey Ashraf disagreed with fashion designer Maria B's objection to the shooting of an Indian designer in Pakistan, saying that artists and fashion designers should be allowed to work in every country. Maria B had objected a day ago while sharing screenshots of photos and videos of Indian fashion designer Abhinav Mishra's costume shoot in Lahore. Maria B had raised the question on the shooting of Bhati designer in Pakistan that if Indian fashion designers can come and shoot in Pakistan then why Pakistani fashion designers can't go to the neighboring country?

He had raised the question in his various stories that why don't we as an industry react like Indian designers do and stop Pakistanis from coming there? Although many people agreed with Maria B's opinion, some people also disagreed with her, and those who disagreed with her include actress and model Anoushey Ashraf. Commenting on the post of Maria B's statement by journalist Maleeha Rehman, Anoushey Ashraf wrote that artists and fashion designers cannot be barred from working in other countries.

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Mentioning Maria B in the comments, Anoushey Ashraf wrote, "We may be big names in our country, but it is also a fact that artists and designers cannot be barred from working in other countries." The actress and model wrote that there are some people who are close to countries and people but at the same time she wrote that people who spread hatred like Kangana Ranaut spread hatred. Anoushey Ashraf further wrote in her comment that she agrees with Maria B that Narendra Modi's government is narrow-minded and hateful.

After Anoushey Ashraf's comments, many people agreed with her statement, but some people opposed her, saying that the politicians and the government there make anti-Pakistan statements. To which Anoushey Ashraf then commented that the government and the artists are different things, they have their own ways of talking and describing atrocities, it is also true that we cannot change history but secure the future on our own. We can try to avoid the troubles that our forefathers saw. Anoushey Ashraf further commented that we cannot change history but the question is how to move forward and how to secure the future?.

"We have our own identity and dignity, but that doesn't mean we should think of ruining someone," she wrote. "Artists and artists should work together to provide others with the oxygen they need," he wrote. Anoushey Ashraf clarified in her comment that allowing Indian artists to work does not mean that we move away from the Kashmir issue, we can continue to support the Kashmir issue even while working with them. According to Anoushey Ashraf, it is our moral duty to support Kashmiris and we will always stand by them.


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