Another Woman Apologizes to Ali Zafar for Making 'False' Allegations

Another Woman Apologizes to Ali Zafar for Making 'False' Allegations

Another woman who accused Ali Zafar of inappropriately touching her body also apologized to the singer. A woman named Hamna Raza apologized to Ali Zafar in a tweet and admitted that she accused the singer of misunderstanding.

In her tweet, Hamna Raza also shared a handwritten apology and a photo of the apology composed and while issuing the apology, she also tagged Ali Zafar. Ali Zafar also retweeted the tweet of apology from the woman and also praised the woman's bravery in apologizing in public. Ali Zafar, retweeting the woman's tweet, wrote that apologizing in public is generally considered a weakness, but in fact, it is this virtue that makes a person beautiful that he is apologizing to the public for his mistakes.

Hamna Raza admitted in her apology that she made the allegations against Ali Zafar on the basis of misunderstanding after the allegations were leveled against her in 2018 by singer Meesha Shafi. According to the woman, she wrote in a tweet that Ali Zafar touched her inappropriately while taking a selfie, but in fact, it did not happen, he accused the singer based on his misunderstanding.

Hamna Raza wrote in her apology that Ali Zafar and his family had to endure pain and disgrace because of the accusation leveled by him, which he realized and he blamed the singer and his family for his mistake. Hamna Raza has apologized to Ali Zafar on the occasion when a few days ago the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) filed a case against 9 women including Hamna Raza, Effat Omar, and Mesha Shafi for defaming Ali Zafar.

The FIA ​​last month arrested Mesha Shafi, actress, and host Effat Omar, Lena Ghani, Fareeha Ayub, under Section (1) 20 of the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act (PICA) 2016 and R / W 109 of the Pakistan Penal Code. The case was filed against Mahim Javed, Ali Gul, Hazimul Zaman Khan, Hamna Raza, and Syed Faizan Raza.

All these personalities are accused of making allegations against Ali Zafar on social media under a scheme. After the case was filed, some others including Effat Omar have also posted pre-arrest bail while Hamna Raza apologized to Ali Zafar. Earlier in September 2019, a woman named Sufi had apologized to Ali Zafar for making false allegations.

Sufi and Hamna Raza had in September 2018 accused Ali Zafar of inappropriately touching her body. The two women made the allegations against Ali Zafar when in April 2018, Mesha Shafi made allegations of sexual harassment against the singer through her tweets, which Ali Zafar dismissed as false.

Later, Mesha Shafi had also filed a sexual harassment petition against Ali Zafar with the Punjab Ombudsman and the Governor of Punjab, which was rejected. After Mesha Shafi's pleas were rejected, Ali Zafar had filed a case for Rs 100 billion in damages against the singer on false charges, which is still pending and the case is not over even after two years.

Ali Zafar and his witnesses have recorded their statements in the case while Mesha Shafi and his mother have also recorded their statements. However, the statements of some of Mesha Shafi's witnesses are yet to be recorded.


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