Amna Ilyas Once Again Criticizes Whitening Creams

Amna Ilyas Once Again Criticizes Whitening Creams

Posted on Oct 12, 2020

The problem of fair complexion has been found in Pakistan and India for a long time and the color itself is considered as the standard of beauty. In this regard, various whitening creams and their advertisements are also very successful. In our society, fair complexion and especially the complexion of girls is considered important for their success, good personality, marriage, and getting a good job.

That is the reason the matter of brightening creams has been going on in the Indian subcontinent for quite a long time and the organizations that make such creams additionally spend crores of rupees on promoting efforts. Brightening cream organizations attempt to enlist VIPs for their limited time crusades, so the greater part of the commercials for such creams include showbiz characters.

However, there are some well-known Pakistani actresses who, despite being offered huge salaries, were barred from working in advertisements, including Ayesha Omar, Mahira Khan, Sanam Saeed, Hareem Farooq, and singer Momina Mustehsan.

For the past few days, Pakistani model and actress Amna Ilyas has also been criticizing the promotion of whitening creams, and this time she has adopted a slightly different approach in the criticism. Amna Ilyas shared a video on the social media app Instagram in which she wrote sarcastically that my dream of becoming blonde came true.

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In this satirical video made in the style of Fairness Creams advertisement, Amna Ilyas says that I am Amna Ilyas, you want to know the reason for my success? After which she puts her mouth in a bowl full of flour and says that now my fans will trust me.

A few days ago, in a tweet on the social networking site Twitter, Amna Ilyas had said that my fellow actresses in the industry are promoting whitening creams for money. Amna Ilyas wrote that as a public figure, being influenced by something means that we make others feel beautiful, not make them feel less beautiful.

He added that those who still support such thinking should be ashamed.

However, Amna Ilyas did not name the actresses she was angry with and also used the hashtag #endcolourism to end color differences. Earlier, the actress shared a message of self-confidence on the photo-sharing app Instagram, which meant that her complexion would never be a reason to back down from her ambitions.

Amna Ilyas wrote, "My deep color will not be the reason behind me. I don't care about the shackles of colonization or micro-regimes. I will set my goals and achieve them."


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