Amna Ilyas Faces Criticism Over Photoshoots.

Amna Ilyas Faces Criticism Over Photoshoots.

Model and actress Amna Ilyas, who has been criticized several times for sharing bold statements, videos, and photos, faced inappropriate words at the new photoshoot.

Amna Ilyas shared photos of the photoshoot in a red dress on Instagram on January 15, making her fans angry.

The model and actress shared three photos of themselves, in which people expressed displeasure over her style.

People who were angry with the model's dress and style advised Amna Ilyas to keep an eye on the traditions of Pakistani society. Some people used other inappropriate words for her, including 'shameless.'

Some people suggested that she should change her name or stop doing such photoshoots.

Some fans slammed Amna Ilyas, calling the actress' photos "vain."

While fans criticized Amna Ilyas, many admired her style and dress and called her a 'supermodel.'

Like the fans, many showbiz personalities also praised him and appreciated his style.

Other showbiz personalities including Jale Sarhadi, Mahira Khan, Yasir Jaswal, Aima Baig, Manal and Ayman Khan commented on Amna Ilyas' photos and appreciated her photos and bold style.

Content creator Hussain Piyart also shared the photos mentioned above of Amna Ilyas, and people there criticized the actress.

Make-up artist Arshad Khan also shared the photos of the model in a red dress on Instagram, and there was a mixed reaction to the photos.

This is not the first time Amna Ilyas has been criticized for her bold pictures. She has been criticized for her videos and photos in the past.

Amna Ilyas is one of the industry's boldest and most outspoken actresses. She also speaks out on social issues, including violence against women and children and discrimination based on color, race, and gender.


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