Amna Ilyas' Defense of 'item Song'

Amna Ilyas' Defense of 'item Song'

Posted on Aug 30, 2022

Model and actress Amna Ilyas, who entertained fans with her dance performance in the song 'Aatash' in the biographical film 'Chaudhry' released some time ago, has defended the 'item song'.

According to the actress, the meaning of 'item song' is misunderstood in Pakistan, while Pakistani fans praise Indian actors performing such songs and criticize Pakistani actresses.

In an interview given to 'Express Tribune', Amna Ilyas said that in the past, even in Pakistani songs, actresses like Babra Sharif and Resham used to perform item songs, and the audience used to enjoy their dances without criticizing them.

According to her, now the meaning of 'item song' is taken wrongly; as soon as people hear its name, nudity and dancing women in bold clothes come to mind, but this is not the case.

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Amna Ilyas said that any artiste could perform on the item number regardless of gender, and it is wrong to associate the dance involved in such songs with nudity.

The model and actress also complained that Pakistani users praise Indian actresses on item songs but make hateful statements against Pakistani actresses.

She said that in her view, Katrina Kaif's performance on 'Sheila Ki Jawani' was similar to Mehwish Hayat's performance on 'Billy' or Ayesha Omar's performance on 'Tooty Fruity' and she praised the performances of all the actresses.

Amna Ilyas also spoke about the rehearsal of the song 'Aatash' and said that she openly practiced it with fellow male choreographers, and some scenes were difficult during the shoot.

She said that in the song, she is seen changing three different bold and tight dresses, which is also the first Pakistani item song filmed in three dresses.

Her song 'Aatash' was not as well received as the movie 'Chaudhry' but has been viewed more than 1 million times on YouTube, and many people criticized her for her bold performance. 

Although Amina Ilyas has worked in films before, her first performance was on an item song, and she did not have a role in 'Chaudhry'.

The film 'Chaudhry' was made on the life of the former martyred officer of Sindh Police, Chaudhry Aslam.

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