Amna Ilyas and Dawar Mahmood Explained the News of Their Marriage

Amna Ilyas and Dawar Mahmood Explained the News of Their Marriage

Entertainer Amna Ilyas and entertainer Dawar Mehmood, who before long organized the famous Pakistan Television (PTV) drama "Ankahi" in front of the audience, were reportedly married. A week ago, media reports claimed that the two actors got married simply.

Without mentioning the two actors in the news, sources close to them said that because of Corona, they both preferred simple marriage. The two shared a short video on Amna Ilyas' Instagram account, in which they were seen talking about their marriage rumors. In the short video, Dawar Mahmood can be seen getting angry at those who spread the news of marriage in a slightly emotional manner.

In the video, it can be seen that Amna Ilyas stops Dawar Mahmood while he is expressing his anger and she gives details to the audience on the news of the marriage.

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Excuse this brute - listen to me. Ankahi. November 1st. Be there. #ankahi2020 @dawar.mehmood

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In the video, Amna Ilyas reveals that Dawar Mahmood has several girlfriends, which can cause problems for him. Also in the video, Amna Ilyas claims that she does not have any boyfriend. In the video, the actress made it clear to the people that they should stop spreading rumors and watch her upcoming theater drama 'Ankahi'.

It may be recalled that 'Ankahi' was first aired on PTV in 1982 and the drama had a total of 31 episodes and it is also considered as one of the 20 most popular dramas in Pakistan. The actors of this play Shahnaz Sheikh, Javed Sheikh, Shakeel, Saleem Nasir, Behrooz Sabzwari, and Jamshed Ansari's unparalleled acting and heartfelt dialogues are still remembered today.

When this drama was aired, Hasina Moin and Shahnaz Sheikh's parrot used to speak on PTV and in this drama also, their magic spoke loudly, especially Shahnaz Sheikh's outrageous actions in the hearts of the viewers. That they are still there today while many films were made in India on the same theme.

Ankahi will be presented in a new style by the theater production company 'Copycats' and the play has been written in a theatrical style by actor Dawar Mahmood, who will also be seen acting in the play.

Amna Ilyas will play the lead role in the theatrical drama 'Ankahi', she will play the role played by Shahnaz Sheikh in the PTV drama.


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