Amazing facts about the month of March

Amazing facts about the month of March

Amazing facts about the month of March

The third month of the year is the headline of every year, let us tell you some interesting facts about the month of March.

Historians also point out that in ancient times the calendar was only consisted on ten months, started from March and ended on December. However, when the calendar of 713 BC was released, the Roman king Noma pompilius extended the months of January and February.
In the Roman calendar, the 15th of March was celebrated with the title 'Eyes of March' and it was the last date to pay off debt.

Julius Caesar, a military general and ruler of the Roman Empire who extended the Roman Empire so much that it spread from Africa to Europe, was also killed on the day March 15.

According to astronomers, the end of March and June of each year is Happens on the same day of the week, while in the month of March, the animals begin to awaken from winter sleep.

Experts say the march is named after Mars, which was considered a god of war, and every year on the 20th or 21st of March, the sun is above the equator, Due to which the day and night are equal. ۔

Statistically speaking, production in the United States of America is diminished in March Because in this month, employees place more bets on NBA games than work.



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