Aliza Sultan Confirmed Her Separation From Actor Feroze Khan

Aliza Sultan Confirmed Her Separation From Actor Feroze Khan

Posted on Sep 22, 2022

Aliza Sultan, the wife of Pakistani actor Feroze Khan, has confirmed her separation from her husband, alleging physical and psychological violence.

In a statement on the social networking site Instagram, Aliza Sultan said that 'our 4-year marriage was in chaos and during this period, apart from constant physical and psychological violence, she also endured blackmail, infidelity, and humiliation at the hands of her husband.

Aliza Sultan wrote, ' after much thought; I have come to the sad conclusion that I cannot live my whole life in this horrible way'.

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She said that the improvement and well-being of my children played an important role in this decision.

She said, 'I don't want my children to be brought up in this suffocating, unhealthy and violent environment. I fear such a violent environment will negatively affect their mental development and outlook on life. 

"No child should have to grow up accepting violence as a normal part of relationships," she added.

"I would rather teach them that no wound is too deep to heal, no fear too shameful to hide at the cost of one's safety," Aliza Sultan said.

It should be noted that before the recent Instagram post of actor Feroze Khan's ex-wife Aliza Sultan, there were rumors that the differences between the two had ended.

Earlier in December 2020, there were reports on social media that differences had arisen between the two, and later it was claimed in some social media posts that they had divorced.

A screenshot of Aliza Sultan's Instagram story went viral after Feroze Khan and his wife did not clearly state the rumors of separation and divorce.

In March 2020, the news of separation between Feroze Khan and his wife, who announced a life according to religious teachings by staying away from showbiz, was going viral.

In the news of the separation of the two, which went viral on social media, it was claimed that they had separated some time ago due to personal grudges.

Later, on 1st December 2020, the news went viral on some social media pages and YouTube channels that actor Feroze Khan and his wife Aliza Sultan had separated.

In some news circulating on social media, it was also claimed that the two had not separated but divorced.

Feroze Khan later spoke openly about these rumors, but he avoided speaking openly about family matters in front of the media.

Feroze Khan apologized to a question in a program about his separation from his wife or strained relationship and said that he did not want to talk about his private life in the media.

Keeping in mind that they wed in March 2018 and welcomed their first kid in May 2019, Feroze Khan and Aliza Sultan.

Feroze Khan proclaimed his retirement from show business in March 2020 after two years of marriage, but he has since started acting again.


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