Aliza Shah Responds to Critics of Wearing Bold Clothes in 'Badnamiyan'

Aliza Shah Responds to Critics of Wearing Bold Clothes in 'Badnamiyan'

Posted on May 19, 2021

Emerging Pakistani drama actress and model Alizeh Shah's debut song 'Badnaamiyan' was released on May 15. However, in the video of the song, Twitter users criticized Alizeh Shah for her bold and western dress. Alizeh Shah's first song was viewed more than 1 million times just a few hours after its release.

But the topic of conversation from the users was not the lyrics or voice of Alizeh Shah's song but her dress and even the hashtag of her name became a top trend on Twitter because of this song. Adil Rashid wrote that our priorities are that Alizeh Shah's name is a top trend on Twitter because of her clothes. A user named Anza wrote that while the whole world is condemning Israel's violence, Pakistanis are criticizing Alizeh Shah's dress.

A Twitter handle named Patriot wrote that a sick-minded nation is commenting on what other people wear. A user named Irshad wrote that everyone will go to their grave so take care of yourself. After various comments on social media, Alizeh Shah released a special message to the critics on her Instagram account.

Alizeh Shah said, "I have seen all the memes and critical posts that have been prepared for me by the critics." "The fact is that instead of being the voice of Palestine, it is a trivial issue in our country at the moment," he wrote. "What is the problem with our people?" Alizeh Shah asked.

Remember that before singing, Alizeh Shah has shown the essence of acting in various dramas. Alizeh Shah had played the role of Palwasha in the drama 'Ishq Tamasha' which was much loved. She has also acted in popular dramas like 'Ahd-e-Wafa' and 'Meira Dil Meera Dashman' and recently appeared in the lead role in the drama 'Tana Bana' which was aired in Ramadan.


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