Ali Sethi's answer to stop Indian artists from working with Pakistanis

Ali Sethi's answer to stop Indian artists from working with Pakistanis

Posted on Apr 17, 2020

Lockdowns have been in place across the country for several days as a precautionary measure against the Coronavirus, which has caused showbiz personalities to be detained in their homes.

Recently, Pakistan's renowned singer Ali Sethi held a live session on Instagram which received a lot of attention from fans.

Ali Sethi has previously performed at an online concert for his fans and later hosted a live session in which he invited renowned singer-songwriter Farida Khanam and Indian singer Rekha Bhardwaj.

Following Ali Sethi's session, several Indians from India started collaborating with Pakistanis to announce online concerts and live sessions.

Later, an online concert was organized by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and a few Indian artists,
After which the Federation of Western India Sign Employees (FWICE), an organization of the Indian Film Employees, stopped Indian artists from working with Pakistani artists online.

After which Ali Sethi is now being criticized.

In this regard, the singer once again went live on his Instagram account and spoke to fans about the issue.

Ali Sethi said, "In these few days, I have been receiving messages from people that an Indian organization has banned their artists from working on social media with Pakistani artists."

He added, "I am being criticized in this regard as I started all this while we do not think so".

According to Ali Sethi, "This session happened suddenly, we had no plans, we had no agenda behind it."

"There are no borders on music, we listen to music from all over the world, people love to listen to our music too," he said.

According to Ali Sethi, this is something that cannot be controlled.

It may be recalled that the Federation of Western India Sign Employees, an organization of the Indian Film Employees, had already barred Indian artists, actors, and performers of any kind from performing with Pakistani artists and actors.

However, the organization also went one step further in preventing its country's artists from making or working online videos with Pakistani artists.

The FWICA issued a notification instructing all its musicians, artists, and all technical staff, don't do any online activity with Pakistani artists, even during lockdown because of the Coronavirus.

The organization's notification said that the organization has found that some Indian artists are working with the artists of neighboring country Pakistan despite the organization's closure.

The organization cited Pakistani singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan in his notification, saying that the organization had found out that some Indian musicians were going to work online with the aforementioned Pakistani singer, but the organization made such a statement through the statement. 

The notification said that some Indian musicians and technical staff recently collaborated with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan in an online program and that they were going to do more than violated the organization's rules.

The notification warned members to refrain from working online with Pakistani artists or actors, otherwise strict disciplinary action would be taken against them.


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