Ali Gul Pir's Video on 19 Points of Corona by Zartaj Gul

Ali Gul Pir's Video on 19 Points of Corona by Zartaj Gul

Federal Minister for Climate Change Zartaj Gul Wazir spoke to co-host Syed Anwar ul Hassan on Pakistan Television (PTV) News program (Sach k Sath) on June 18 about Corona and said the government was working to prevent an epidemic. What steps should be taken in this regard?

Speaking on the Corona epidemic, Zartaj Gul had said that if the government imposes a severe lockdown for another month, 900,000 small businesses would be wiped out from the country, so now the government has adopted the smart lockdown. Explaining Corona's disease, she said that the World Health Organization (WHO) had earlier termed the disease 'pandemic' and now it has been termed 'endemic', which means that we have to live together with the disease.

"We will have to take precautionary measures against the disease until the vaccine arrives, and the fact that COVID 19 means that it has 19 points in any country," she added. They can also cause harm in any way, so now it is up to the people there to develop immunity. Zartaj Gul was heavily criticized on social media for declaring COVID 19 as 19 points and on June 21, his name became the top trend.

A video clip of her claiming 19 points out of 19 went viral on social media, after which she tweeted an explanation and admitted her mistake. Zartaj Gul wrote in her explanatory tweet that she talks for hours on TV every day without a slip and she wanted to say with reference to COVID 19 that the effect and severity of the epidemic vary in different countries.

Zartaj Gul wrote in an explanatory tweet that she is not afraid of criticism but is stronger with it. Zartaj Gul's statement of 19 points of COVID 19 where memes are being made on social media on her other statements. Meanwhile, the well-known singer and comedian Ali Gul Pir also released a comedy video on 19 points of the COVID mentioned by Zartaj Gul, which went viral on social media.

In the video released by Ali Gul Pir, he has seen copying and acting on the voice of Zartaj Gul. In the video, Ali Gul Pir is also seen explaining 19 points of COVID 19 on the board and adopting different methods to avoid 19 points.

The comedian's video went viral as soon as it was released on social media and people appreciated his video.


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