Akon along with his friends Performs Umrah

Akon along with his friends Performs Umrah

Akon, an American singer born in the American city of St. Louis, is blessed with a Muslim family from the African country of Senegal.

Most people consider Akon to be a non-Muslim because the 44-year-old singer never spoke openly about his religion, but in the past, he has confessed in some interviews that he is not only a born Muslim but he is also on Islamic teachings. They understand the process as the secret to their success.

The 44-year-old singer, who has given at least 5 music albums, Akon is not his real name, but he is best known in the world of showbiz and music.

Akon has won several top awards, including winning the Grammy 5 highest music awards so far, and is widely praised for launching numerous welfare and social projects in backward continent Africa.


The singer along with his friends did Umrah - Photo: Twitter
Akon has also been working to provide electricity to at least a dozen countries in Africa, as they work to educate children in Africa on nutrition, education and women's empowerment.

Akon is mostly known for making American songs in African style and most of his songs are in English but he has also sung in other languages including Arabic and Hindi.

However, many people are left wondering when photos of him receiving Umrah's greetings have gone viral worldwide.

The British newspaper 'International Business Times' reported in its report that Akon had recently performed musical performances there at the invitation of the Saudi government, and at the same time the singer received the honour of Umrah.


Akon photos went viral on social media - Photo: Twitter
The report said that although Akon did not share photos of Umrah on social media, his friends shared photos that went viral worldwide while watching.

According to the report, Akon received Umrah with his close friends and made pictures and videos during Umrah.

According to the report, Akon generally separates his family and his personal life from the media, and in the past has also admitted that he has kept his family away from the media.

Akon was quoted as saying that he does not speak to the media mostly about his personal life and family, but he has admitted that he has 6 children with 3 wives and is living a normal life.



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