Akbar, Mohammad Shah Rangila and fond of music

Akbar, Mohammad Shah Rangila and fond of music

Posted on Jan 9, 2020

Akbar, Mohammad Shah Rangila and fond of music. At the height of the nation's development, the excitement and contemplation that it brings to civilization become fatal to nature and a disaster for nature.

The same thing is the embodiment of grace and perfection with grace and moderation, and the swelling of use and exaggeration becomes a blur of illusion and deception.

Akbar had a fondness for music that when he opened his waist after his invaders, he was tired of hearing the music and narcotics and then one of the hobbies was Mohammed Shah Rangila until the women of the palace pushed him out of the veil.

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Safdar Jung, when tired of the madness of the Diwan, used to break the chatter of music. In his generation, Wajid Ali Shah used to give his minister Ali Taqi a chance to refresh himself when he was tired of playing. Both were fond of music, but the difference between the two conditions was not necessarily a statement.

There is a lot going on in the two east and west sides. It has become widely known that Islam's religious temperament is against the arts and that music is embedded in Shariah. However, its meaning is nothing more than that the jurists tortured it with the idea of a source. 




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