Aiman Khan's Sharp Response to Critics of His Sister's New Life

Aiman Khan's Sharp Response to Critics of His Sister's New Life

Actress Aiman Khan has slammed her sister Minal Khan for criticizing her engagement or making inappropriate comments at the beginning of her new life, saying it would be better for everyone to remain silent. On May 18, Minal Khan shared photos of her engagement with longtime friend and fellow actor Ahsan Mohsin Ikram and said that his word was settled.

Pictures of the actress went viral on social media and while most of the fans congratulated her, some people also criticized the actress for taking pictures of her engagement on Valentine's Day in February three months ago. She was shared and now it is being said again that she is engaged. Although the actress did not use the word engagement in the photos she shared in February, she did share a picture of the ring, which made fans think she was engaged.

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Similarly, on May 18, he shared photos with Ahsan Mohsin Ikram in a romantic way and used the hashtag 'Baat Paki', but he did not clearly state whether he was engaged or married. Some fans also looked upset when the actress shared photos with vague posts, so some criticized the actress but her sister Aiman Khan did not like that criticism and she scolded the people. Aiman Khan reprimanded the critics of his sister Minal Khan, advised them to remain silent, and at the same time demanded that they pray for a better and prosperous life for his sister and his spouse.

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Similarly, Aiman Khan shared a photo with his sister on his Instagram at the beginning of his sister's new life, mentioning Ahsan Mohsin Ikram and wrote that from now on he should take care of his sister. Minal Khan also made brief comments on his sister's post that Ahsan Mohsin Ikram would take care of her. Besides, Aiman Khan also shared a romantic photo of his sister and Ahsan Mohsin Ikram in his Instagram story and expressed his best wishes for both of them.

Aiman Khan also welcomed Mohsin Ahsan Ikram to be a part of the family and at the same time wrote that his sister will be a part of another's life and now she will miss him very much.


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