Aijaz Aslam Faces Criticism for Sharing Old Video With Ahmad Shah

Aijaz Aslam Faces Criticism for Sharing Old Video With Ahmad Shah

Posted on Jun 1, 2021

Senior actor Ijaz Aslam is facing criticism on social media for sharing an old video with Ahmed Shah, a minor who gained fame through dialogues like 'Look Back'. A few days ago, Aijaz Aslam shared a clip of the 'Jito Pakistan League' (JPL) program aired on private TV ARY's Ramadan on Instagram, which has drawn criticism. Aijaz Aslam shared a short video made during the program, in which he can be seen making selfie videos from his mobile phone.

The short video also features a guest, including Ijaz Aslam and program host Waseem Badami. In this video, Wasim Badami can be seen talking to young Ahmed Shah about the cricket being played in the program. In the video, Wasim Badami is heard telling the child that he will not play the game but Aijaz Bhai, Shoaib Bhai, and JJ Sar will also play, on which the other person in the video is heard saying that they should get Wasim Bhai out.

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In the video, child Ahmad Shah can be seen happily talking to Waseem Badami, and meanwhile, Aijaz Aslam was seen smiling while making the video from afar. After the video was shared by Ijaz Aslam where many people liked his video and also expressed regret that they did not watch the said episode. Some people also criticized Ijaz Aslam for making a video with the child, but later the actor deleted critical comments from his post.

After the video was shared by Ijaz Aslam, a man named Muhammad Waqar Shahid commented that everyone was looking good in the video, but when he saw a minor (Ahmad Shah), he disliked it in the comment section. After the user's criticism, Ijaz Aslam gave him an immediate answer and commented on the question, what has the five-year-old child done to him? Has the child harmed them?

At the same time, the actor advised the critics to take good care of others so that their lives would be better. This is not the first time that an actor has been criticized for making a video with a minor. In the past, people on social media have shown TV channels, show hosts, and showbiz personalities to a five-year-old child all the time on TV. He has been criticized for leaving. Most people said that Ahmad Shah is still very young, he has days to study and spend time with his family including his mother but TV channel owners and hosts keep showing him in programs to increase the ratings of their programs.

Ahmed Shah rose to prominence on social media in early 2019 when he was seen uttering dialogues such as 'Look Back' in some comedy videos. After the videos went viral, Ahmad Shah was invited to various morning shows and game shows and at a very young age, he was sat on TV sets for several hours and was made fun of, on which people started watching morning shows and games. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes.

After gaining fame in the morning shows, Ahmad Shah opened his own YouTube channel, on which he has uploaded dozens of videos and has been viewed millions of times.


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